When is organic 'organic'?

To be allowed to be called organic, products have to meet strict criteria. For example, they must be demonstrably free from GMO content (genetically modified organism), antibiotics and growth hormones. Production methods also have to be sustainable and the products must not contain food additives. A European logo and national logos safeguard the uniqueness of organic.

The predicate ‘organic’ therefore does not specifically relate to one or more categories of products, but it applies to all food and beverages, if produced and processed in line with these principles.

Does Wessanen have a mailing list for press releases?

Yes. You can have your contact details included on our distribution list for press releases by  sending an email to Wessanen Corporate Communications. Or call us at +31 (0)20 3122 122 .

In order to save the environment, annual reports will not be sent automatically to shareholders. To obtain a hard copy, please send us an email with your address details. The annual report is also available online.

Who is Wessanen's independent auditor?
In the Shareholders' meeting of April 2010, Deloitte Accountants BV was appointed as external auditor. It is expected that Deloitte will continue auditing for the years to come.
What is Wessanen's dividend policy?
As a policy, Wessanen aims to pay out a dividend of between 35-45% of its net result, excluding major non-recurring effects. No interim dividends will be paid.
What are Wessanen's Chamber of Commerce details?
Koninklijke Wessanen nv, registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, registration number 33145851.
How can I check my shareholding?
If your shares are deposited at a bank, you will receive a statement at the end of the year or you can check your holding at any time by contacting your advisor at the bank or your stockbroker.