Our strategy

Our strategy has four pillars which are fundamental to our success. For all four pillars, clear targets are in place for every financial year as well as for a three-year period, and these have been cascaded to the whole organisation. All employees across all roles and geographies have personal targets which are aligned with these strategic priorities.
Our strategy has 4 key pillars

Growing our core brands and categories
Brands are our key assets and we are building the leading sustainable food brands in Europe. Investing in the growth of our brands and in building stronger equity with our consumers is our first priority. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance to their success. We aim for the number one or two position in any market in which we operate. We manage our brands in terms of factors such as growth, marketing spending, distribution level, market share and rate of innovation.

Upgrade our operations
Efficiently and effectively managing our entire value chain is a key driver of value. We are integrating manufacturing, supply chain and central sourcing to become more productive. We work on standardising planning processes and efficient sales and operational planning (S&OP) across Europe. We are increasing the efficiency of warehousing and transport and are improving productivity through projects and insourcing. Further, we aim to minimise waste and create transparency in our supply chain. We manage our performance based on customer service levels, forecast accuracy, waste, cost of obsoletes and the number of consumer complaints, among other factors.    

Building a green, attractive and efficient company
It all starts with our people, who are the driving force behind our business and ambassadors for the world of food we believe in. Being a green business is key to our performance but also to attracting the right talent, as our people want to make a difference in the world. Our sustainability strategy is the responsibility of the Executive Board, while our Organic Expertise Center (OEC) is in charge of its implementation. The Supervisory Board’s Nutrition, Food Safety and Sustainability Committee supports and advises the Executive Board to ensure its nutritional policies are relevant and scientifically supported and to ensure we operate in a sustainable way. Our focus is on being an efficient company as we are aligning core processes and supporting them with the right tools.  

Making selective acquisitions
We are looking to expand our family of brands and companies through acquisitions. This can add scale in core categories and markets and strengthen key capabilities. The attributes we look for include strategic fit, a well-differentiated branded market position and experienced management.