Core values & key behaviours

Core values

Our core values are the standards to which all of at Wessanen must adhere when working to fulfil our strategic objectives. Whilst competing for business success, it is not only the results we achieve that concern us, but also how these results are achieved.

Our core values comprise ownership, winning, authenticity and entrepreneurship. These represent the heart of Wessanen's culture. These values underpin both the corporate conduct of all our companies and the fundamental attitudes that we expect from our employees.

Food safety and quality are our highest priority. We believe that this respect for food, its origins and the supply chain through which it travels is essential to the sustainability of our business. It also shows that we are all involved, not only with our own Company, but also with the world around us.

Key behaviours

We regard it to be critical that our everyday individual behaviour reflects the values and aspirations of our mission and is aligned with our passion, teamwork, integrity, speed and consumer engagement.