Our people, products and sites

It all starts with our people – they are the ones who make us who we are and the best ambassadors of our business. While we work across a number of countries and sites, we all share the same belief: to make the world of food a little healthier and more sustainable every day.

We aim to be a good employer to our employees. We invest in their training and education and in making them more engaged in and knowledgeable about healthy and sustainable food.

Our head office and the Wessanen Benelux team are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Our other country offices are based in Lyon and Paris (France), Camberley (UK), Bremen (Germany), Badia Polesine and Viadana (Italy) and Madrid (Spain). We currently also operate five production facilities in three countries. We consider ourselves a family of companies.

Where our products are made

We operate five production facilities in three countries, where we produce Tea, Dairy Alternatives, Breakfast Cereals, Sweet Spreads and Sweet Snacks, among other products. Our production facilities are all certified organic and produce in accordance with IFS and BRC standards. In line with the requirement of organic for “careful processing”, our production is often somewhat smaller scale and more ‘personal’ than at traditional food production facilities. In Germany, our site in Drebber in the middle of an idyllic country side produces Breakfast Cereals, Sweet Spreads and Sweet Snacks. Our factory in Freiburg is specialising in the making of vegetarian spreads. In Italy, we have our own organic fields where, on 700 hectares of land, we grow oats, spelt and sunflowers. They go into our Dairy Alternatives drinks made in our production facility in Badia Polesine, our second Italian site in Viadana is focused on soy- and other cereal and nut-based drinks. All the soy we use comes from Italy. Both sites are making some of the highest quality and tastiest drinks in the industry. Passion for products is also very visible at our tea production plant in Beaminster (Dorset, UK). Our team of blenders and sourcing managers have worked there for decades, have visited many times all cooperatives that grow our tea and produce some of the best tea available in the UK and beyond.


Responsible employer

Our people care passionately about healthy and sustainable food, and this is also what draws so many prospective employees to our company. We encourage our people to promote awareness of a healthy and sustainable diet within the organisation and beyond. Our Organic Day and Veggie Thursday are just two of the events we organise in this regard, along with a number of community-related activities we undertake at all our sites on an ongoing basis. Our management development policy offers our employees plenty of scope for personal development. Retaining experienced and talented staff is a priority and we strive to hold on to our best people and keep overall staff turnover levels low.

Equal opportunities It is a given that we provide equal opportunities for current and future employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities and religion. The Executive Board, supported by the Supervisory Board, values the importance of a diversified workforce.

Our products

We are in the business of making high-quality products. We produce a significant number of them in our own production facilities using state-of-the-art technology and complying with common accreditations such as IFS and BRC. We also apply the relevant ISO standards. Some of our products are manufactured for us by selected third parties, and we always make sure potential suppliers are subjected to a careful auditing process. When we develop products, we always aim to offer the best possible taste, texture and nutritional profile to our markets and we conduct extensive internal and external tasting and testing sessions. We monitor the performance of our new products in the market to check whether they meet the consumer’s expectations.

Quality Management

We continually and rigorously manage the quality of our products via a risk-based monitoring system. Legal and regulatory compliance, food safety, our own quality standards and nutritional policies are key aspects we check and manage. We are in touch with consumers via our consumer care centres and investigate any issues that are brought to our attention. Extra attention is given to fraud prevention, again based on screening the risk associated with certain sourcing countries, types of commodities or supplier track record. The mission of our Quality team is to be a proactive, effective and passionate partner from farm to fork. Our vision is to ‘Delight and never disappoint our consumers’.