Our brands

Our brands are our most valuable assets and many of them are successful leaders of their respective markets. They all have strong local roots and are among the pioneers of the organic market in their country. We differentiate between core and tactical brands based on size and strategic focus. This allocation of brands is reviewed regularly.

Bjorg is, with nearly 180 organic products, our leader in the French organic market. The entire assortment is GMO-free, produced without pesticides, free from preservatives and artificial colourings. Bjorg offers a wide range of tasty and organic products that allow everyone to eat organic, healthy and varied.

 For more than 40 years now since its creation in 1974, Allos has been producing organic foods for people who want to enjoy sustainable products that they know are good for them. At the same time, Allos builds on fair, long term partnerships with farmers and other parties, and is committed to biodiversity and the protection of nature.

Kallø believes that eating sensibly doesn’t have to mean saying no to the things you love. Life is about what you can, not what you can’t have – and eating the right way is about loving food and havinga nutritious, balanced diet. That’s why Kallø has reinvented the rice cake and created a range of delightful foodie things that are made using the finest natural ingredients and embrace our food philosophy.

Bonneterre is one of the first organic brands in France ever. It was founded 50 years ago by Robert Bonneterre. Today our employees manage a range of more than 500 products, covering all aspects of food. After all the developments made over the years, Bonneterre has remained true to the original philosophy of Robert Bonneterre: To offer the best of our earth.

For over thirteen years Isola Bio has devoted itself to the daily nourishment of its customers and to respecting nature’s balance.It’s specialised in the production of organic vegetable drinks extracted from the most precious cereals and legumes. We use an exclusive and patented method that maintains all the flavour and nutritional value of the raw materials. Isola Bio is a leading organic Dairy Alternative brand in Italy and across Europe.

Gayelord Hauser is the only brand which offers a complete range of products perfectly adapted to women’s nutritional requirements. Every product contains at least one of the 5 essential nutriments for women (iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A & E, folic acid). Gayelord Hauser proposes a whole program to help womanbe happy with their body, their mind and their life.

Created in France in 1998, Alter Eco has always been a pioneer in sustainable development. Alter Eco is an ambitious brand, deeply committed to improving and integrating all aspects of sustainable development. The entire assortment is fair-trade and includes delicious options like chocolates, juices and coffees.

Responsible and good food? Leave that to mother nature. And to Zonnatura. Our founder Willem Smits already started in 1954 to sell only products based on pure natural ingredients and nothing artificial added. His conviction was that it’s better for people and allows them to experience the unique flavours of nature. It’s been our mantra ever since and has made Zonnatura the leading organic brand in The Netherlands.

Our brand Tartex was launched in Germany in 1946 as the pioneer of the vegetarian bread spread market. Today, as the market for vegetarian products has grown strongly Tartex is offering a wide range of vegetarian and extremely tasty spreads. Our unique recipes, quality ingredients and proprietary production process ensure the high quality of our products. Tartex is nowadays available not just in Germany, but across a large number of countries.

We’re Clipper Teas and we are a different kind of tea company. Founded by Mike Brehme in 1984, we are the UK’s No 1 fair trade and organic tea brand and now available in many countries.Every ingredient has been ethically sourced and naturally produced and there isn’t an artificial ingredient in any of our products. We are in no doubt that our teas are the best tasting in the market. Clipper is always Natural, Fair and Delicious.

Founded in 1967 by Craig Sams and his brother Gregory to bring natural foods to consumers because they are ‘better for body and planet’. They created Whole Earth, pioneering the production of organic & natural foods that taste great, too. These products were made available to a wider market for those who wanted to eat healthy, tasty food and also cared about the planet. We have kept those ideals with us to this day. Whole Earth products will always be made with natural ingredients sourced from responsible growers and suppliers. We love our products and hope you do, too.