Dutch Transparency Benchmark

The Transparency Benchmark of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) offers insight into the way >400 large Dutch companies report on their CSR activities. It charts transparency in sustainability reporting and also measures trends in the quality and quantity of CSR reporting.

The survey is conducted annually, under the aegis of the Ministry of EL&I. A self assessment by all companies forms the basis, followed by a data review by EY.

In 2014, we scored 161 out of 200 points, ranking 39th.*
In 2013, we scored 175 out of 200 points, ranking 42nd.
In 2012, we scored 175 out of 200 points, ranking 27th.
In 2011, we scored 98 out of 200 points, ranking 104th.

* As of 2014, the approach has been changed, focusing more on materiality (being more aligned with GRI reporting) resulting in lower average scores.

Our main area of improvement is external verification, which we deliberately have chosen to incorporate as of the reporting year 2015.

To read more, please visit the  Transparency website of the Ministry.
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