Amaranth farming

Over 30 years ago, Allos brought the 'supergrain of the Inca to Germany, coming from its traditional growing area in the South American highlands .

In 2006  the department of agriculture in Bad Mergentheim started a growing Project in Germany, supported by Allos. After many years of trying, there is now German Amaranth available.

Amaranth farming in Germany is a special challenge, since Amaranth, with its high nutritional value, usually only grows in the highlands only. We are proud that we contribute to the cultivation of this plant in Germany.

Currently there are several organic farmers involved, and another farmer is changing to organic. There is 10ha organic area under cultivation, a further 16ha are used conventionally.

New studies show that the small grains really do deliver concentrated vital substance powers. Therefore, Amaranth is rated by NASA as nutritionally that valuable that it serves as astronaut food as well.