IFOAM is the worldwide umbrella organisation for the organic movement, uniting about 870 affiliates in 120 countries. Wessanen is a member of IFOAM Europe.

As the European umbrella organisation for organic in Europe, the IFOAM EU Group advocates for the development and integrity of European organic food and farming.

IFOAM EU fights for the adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems based on the principles of organic agriculture – health, ecology, fairness and care.

IFOAM EU has over 160 member organisations. Its work spans the entire organic food chain and beyond: from farmers and processors, retailers, certifiers, consultants, traders and researchers to environmental and consumer advocacy bodies.

IFOAM is short for International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ( www.ifoam.org and www.ifoam-eu.org).

IFOAM annual report 2013

IFOAM Annual Report 2013.pdf(35 Mb)