Statement on child labour at hazelnut harvest

Royal Wessanen nv has taken note of the “EénVandaag” broadcast on Tuesday, 19 October regarding child labor in the hazelnut harvest in Turkey.

Wessanen produces, markets and distributes food products under various labels, such as Zonnatura, with an increasingly strong focus on organic food. We closely monitor the quality of our ingredients and raw materials and the processing methods for our end-products. Wessanen regards an efficiently supervised supply chain as an essential prerequisite in order to meet its high demands in terms of quality and reliability.

Wessanen pursues a clear policy in relation to the suppliers of its raw materials, ingredients and end-products. This policy is set out in our Supply Chain Audit Protocol (SCAP) and defines the input and obligations that Wessanen expects of its suppliers and producers. Social and ethical issues, including child labor, form an integral part of this protocol and are monitored by supplier audits.

Wessanen makes no use of child labor and requires the same of its suppliers. The supplier audits are performed at our request by an independent agency, which reports its findings to us so that we can determine whether the SCAP conditions are being properly observed.

Wessanen does business with various suppliers of products which include hazelnuts as a raw material. These hazelnuts come from Turkey. We do not wish any of them to be harvested by children and therefore apply SCAP to ensure that our suppliers and producers comply with our demands.