AGM April 16, 2008

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approves (re-)appointment of a member of the Supervisory Board, Supervisory Board remuneration and proposal for dividend payment over 2007

Utrecht, April 17, 2008
Royal Wessanen nv announces that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held in Utrecht on April 16, 2008, has approved the re-appointment of Mr. J.G.A.J. (Jo) Hautvast as member of the Supervisory Board for a period of four years.

The AGM further approved the 2007 dividend pay-out of EUR 0.65 per share. This is equivalent to the dividend paid over 2005 and 2006. The pay-out equals an amount of EUR 44.2 million. Taking into account the interim dividend of EUR 0.25 per share paid out in August 2007, the total distribution to be paid out on May 2, 2008, amounts to EUR 0.40 per share.

Furthermore the AGM approved the proposed adjustment of the remuneration of Supervisory Board members.

Royal Wessanen nv Executive Board

For more details, please download the complete document.
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