Wessanen discussing with KPMG a reduction of its audit fee 2003

Amstelveen, May 11, 2005 Wessanen has requested KPMG, auditor of the company, to reduce its auditing fee for the 2003 accounts. Wessanen believes that issues which resulted in substantial extra costs being incurred in connection with the 2003 audit should have been discovered and flagged by KPMG as part of its audit of Wessanen and Tree of Life North America in previous years. KPMG has denied responsibility and, pending the outcome of further discussions between Wessanen and KPMG on the subject matter, has suspended current auditing activities. Wessanen will explore the various options to come to a satisfactory resolution.   Executive Board Royal Wessanen nv
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3_1_media_press_releases_050428.pdf (70 Kb)

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