Zonnatura supports "Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht"

Zonnatura supports "Jongeren op gezond gewicht" in Zaanstad  

In the last decades the world in which our children grow up has become an environment where eating a lot and moving little is not unusual anymore. The result? On average, one in eight Dutch children is overweight.  

Overweighted today, vulnerable tomorrow
In some neighborhoods in Zaanstad, even one in three children is too heavy. Overweight increases the risk of diseases. Moreover, being overweight at young age has a major negative impact on psychological and social development.

Strong together
Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht (JOGG-)Zaanstad has been working on creating a healthy environment for children and their parents since 2012. Together with professionals in the neighborhood, such as nurses, gym teachers, welfare workers and dieticians, JOGG-Zaanstad encourages children and parents to drink water, eat healthy and be physically active. Also businesses and civil society organisations are involved in the approach. Together they can change the environment in which children and young people grow up.  

Healthy students perform better!
JOGG-Zaanstad, in cooperation with GGD Zaanstreek Waterland, encourages schools in the neighborhoods of Zaandam to become a certified Healthy School: Schools that support for instance healthy habits like drinking water instead of sweetened beverages can get the “Vignette Nutrition”. A Healthy School Square contributes to the achievement of the “Vignette Movement and Sports”.  

Zonnatura supports primary school De Gouw
The students of primary school de Gouw in Zaanstad have already collected money for a new school square. Still on the wish list: Vegetable gardens for toddlers and a layout of the school square focused on physical activity. Zonnatura, one of Wessanen's brands, wants to fullfil these wishes by donating money raised at a charity dinner to the school.

The importance of vegetable gardens and education
Vegetable gardens and education in school help children to develop responsible eating habits. Moreover, research shows that knowledge about food and nutrition sticks best by an integrated approach and when more activities such as school- and vegetable gardens, cooking classes and company visits are combined.

"Groente, zet je tanden erin!"
JOGG encourages vegetables consumption with the national campaign "Groente, zet je tanden erin!" (Vegetables, get your teeth into it!). Many parents and caregivers wonder how to make their children eat enough vegetables. On the website eetgroente.nl one of the tips is: Have your children grow their own vegetables. In this way, they become more involved in what they eat. This initiative by Zonnatura is therefore corresponding to and enhancing the JOGG approach in Zaanstad.

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