We connect with nature

This year's We Connect meeting was held in Alcalá de Henares, close to Madrid. 120 colleagues from all countries came together to welcome the latest member of the Wessanen family, Biogran, align on the strategy for the coming years and most importantly, to connect with each other.

A highlight of the event was the team activity that took place at the Fundacion Carmen Pardo-Valcarce – a place that gives intellectually disabled people a chance to participate in society. People work in units on productive activities whose profits are reinvested in expansion. Thanks to that there are more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities employed in units like  print shop, post office, candy workshop, flower shop, handcrafts and furniture factory. We joined the different units for an afternoon and supported them with their daily tasks. Klaus Arntz commented: "It was an inspiring experience. I think every one of us learned a lot about overcoming barriers of any kind, communicating with each other and working together in pursuit of a well-defined goal. The open and friendly way people welcomed us was simply overwhelming".  
As every year, the Executive Board recognised examples of excellent work from around the business with the Green Future Awards 2017. I total, 9 awards were given across the categories of Growing brands and categories, Upgrading Operations, Becoming a green, efficient and attractive company and Acquiring selectively.

Idriss Aberkane, author of the book “Free your brain” gave an inspirational talk about biomimicry, how nature does it better and how we can learn from it by reconnecting with nature.

“Nature is the largest knowledge deposit in the world. We shouldn’t exploit nature for its matter – we should exploit nature for its knowledge!” highlights Idriss.