Organic Day 2017

Every September we celebrate the Organic Day across all our sites to engage and inspire our people. This year’s Organic Day was inspired by “Organic Food against Climate Change”.  

“Our Organic Days aim at engaging everyone in Wessanen on organic and sustainability topics. The 6th one was focussed on Organic and Climate Change and consisted of talks from experts and different activities to help our people to better understand this complex topic. It was a big success!” 
L.Beck, Director of Quality, Sustainability and R&D    

In Amsterdam Tobias Bandel, co-founder Soil & More, spoke about the complexity of climate change, the role of sustainable agriculture, soil and composting.

“In some organisations sustainability stops at the purchase department because there it is about the best possible quality at the lowest possible price. But we need to raise awareness and educate companies that buying something that seems to be more expensive today may be the more viable option to stay in business”, states Tobias Bandel.
Organic Day - Tobias Bandel (Soil & More)
“We invited Tobias because it is important to us to have an expert that can talk about the topic but also someone that is a practitioner", says Klaus Arntz, EVP Marketing & Sustainabiliy. "Somebody who doesn’t talk about theory but who has seen it for real on plantations, working with farmers all around the world.”   
At the end of the day Charlotte (Charly's all is Fair) and Doreen (Botanic Bites), the winners of the “Organic Food against Climate Change” challenge, gave a presentation about their experience of being part of the programme and answered questions.
Read more about the Organic Food against Climate Change challenge.
"Most companies are driven by financial gain but Wessanen really wants to contribute to a better world and they can be proud of that" highlights Charlotte after the event.

Curious what else happened during our Organic Day in Amsterdam? Watch the full video: