Healthy breakfast

A healthy diet has significant effects on your child’s development – start the day with a balanced breakfast

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that nearly a third of children skip breakfast regularly before going to school – although it is widely proven to be the most important meal of the day and has significant effects on a child’s development: There is evidence that children who start their days with a healthy breakfast have more energy, a lower risk to get obese and perform better in school.  

In addition: The food children eat in their early years can influence their eating habits later in life. That is why parents should care about what is served – at home and in school.

And how should a healthy breakfast look like?

Serving a balanced breakfast must not be time intensive. It should consist of a variety of components like milk, whole grains, lean meats/ meat alternatives as well as fruits and vegetables.
Healthy breakfast is essential
Click here  for declicious and easy recipes.

10 tips to implement a healthy diet at home

1. Buy as natural as possible – choose minimally processed food which offers the best nutrition
2. Be a role model – don’t expect your children to eat healthy while you go with unhealthy snacks
3. Get your kids involved – if children help preparing a meal they are more willing to eat it
4. Provide healthy snacks – prepare fruits, vegetables and healthy beverage you can offer if needed
5. Eat together – and make it family time 
6. Cook at home – you have the full control about ingredients 
7. Don’t ban sweets completely – limit the amount of it. Banning things just makes your children want them even more
8. Offer new food step by step – and make it fun: e.g. cut the food into unusual shapes
9. Reduce sugar in recipes – most recipes work fine with less sugar
10. Small portions – Starting with small portion and go for a second one helps your children recognize when they’ve eaten enough

healthy eating habits start with cooking at home