Property, plant and equipment

Property, plant and equipment are stated at cost less accumulated depreciation and impairment losses. Cost includes expenditures that are directly attributable to the acquisition or construction of the asset and may include borrowing costs incurred during construction.

Expenditure incurred to replace a component of an item of property, plant and equipment that is accounted for separately, including major inspection and overhaul expenditure, is capitalised. Other subsequent expenditure is capitalised only when it increases the future economic benefits embodied in the item of property, plant and equipment. All other expenditure is recognised in the income statement as an expense as incurred.

Depreciation is charged to the income statement on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful lives. Land is not depreciated. Where an item of property, plant or equipment comprises major components having different useful lives, they are accounted for as separate items of property, plant and equipment. Depreciation methods, useful lives, as well as residual values are tested annually.

Assets not in use are recorded at the lower of their book value and recoverable amount.

The estimated useful lives of property, plant and equipment for the current and comparative period are as follows:
Buildings and offices 30 years 
Machinery and equipment 10 – 15 years 
Computers 3 – 5 years
Other 3 – 5 years

Assets not in use and assets classified as held for sale are not depreciated.

Finance lease
Leases under which Wessanen assumes substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership are classified as finance leases. Plant and equipment acquired by way of finance lease is stated at an amount equal to the lower of its fair value and the present value of the minimum lease payments at inception of the lease, less accumulated depreciation and impairment losses. Leased assets are depreciated over the shorter of the lease term and their useful lives. Lease payments are accounted for as described in the accounting policy on Expenses.