Basis of consolidation

The consolidated financial statements incorporate the financial statements of Wessanen and all entities that are controlled by Wessanen (‘subsidiaries’). Control is presumed to exist when Wessanen has the power, directly or indirectly, to govern the financial and operating policies of an entity so as to obtain benefits from its activities (generally accompanying a shareholding of more than one half of the voting rights). In assessing control, potential voting rights that presently are exercisable or convertible are taken into account. The financial statements of subsidiaries are included in the consolidated financial statements from the date that control commences until the date that control ceases.

Transactions eliminated on consolidation
Intra-group balances and transactions and any unrealised gains and losses arising from intra-group transactions are eliminated in preparing the consolidated financial statements. Unrealised losses are eliminated in the same way as unrealised gains, but only to the extent that there is no evidence of impairment.