Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of Frank van Oers, Rudy Kluiber, Ivonne Rietjens and Patrick Mispolet . The Supervisory Board should supervise the manner in which the Executive Board implements the long-term value creation strategy. In doing so, the Board is guided by the interests of Wessanen and the relevant interests of Wessanen’s stakeholders, including the Executive Board’s relations with Wessanen’s shareholders. More information about the Supervisory Board's responsibilities, duties and powers can be read in the Supervisory Board By-Laws.

The Supervisory Board consists of at least three members. The Supervisory Board has prepared a Profile of its size and composition. The members are appointed by the General Meeting. Each member of the Supervisory Board is appointed for a maximum of four years, which appointment (as of 2018) can be renewed for one additional period of not more than four years and two additional two-year periods (which should be motivated by the Supervisory Board) . The members retire periodically in accordance with the Supervisory Board Rotation Plan.  The  remuneration of the Supervisory Board members is determined by the AGM.

The Supervisory Board, while retaining overall responsibility, has delegated certain tasks to three Committees ( Audit Committee, SARC, NFSC). The main purpose of these Committees is to prepare the foundations that support the decision-making processes of the Supervisory Board