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The Code of Conduct explains our working methods, our corporate values and what is and is not acceptable in terms of business practices. It maintains a pleasant and safe working environment for socially responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.

An effective Whistleblower Policy is equally important. It has been developed so that people can report suspected irregularities
within the organisation without fear of repercussions. It is there to protect not only the business interests of Wessanen, but
also your interests as a member of our workforce.

How to report irregularities?

  1. Speak to your manager
  2. Speak to your HR manager or the Wessanen Confidential Adviser (telephone +31 (0)20 3122 100; fax +31 (0)20 363 2076;
  3. Contact Wessanen's CFO, CEO or Chairman of the Board (telephone +31 (0)20 3122 125; fax +31 (0)20 363 2076;
  4. Report anonymously
    Go to
    or call free phone 1-866-2506706.
    The access code is 93830.

Code of Conduct 2.0

Wessanen Company Code 1 Aug 2011 EN web.pdf(332 Kb)

Whistleblower Policy 2.0

Wessanen Whistleblower Policy 1 Jan 2011 EN.pdf(686 Kb)