Remuneration policy

Wessanen remuneration policy

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The objective of Wessanen’s Remuneration Policy is to attract, motivate and retain experienced executives with an international outlook, and reward them appropriately for their ability to achieve stretched targets for short-term and long-term performance. The structure of the remuneration package for the Executive Board strives to achieve a balance between Wessanen’s short-term and long-term strategy while taking into account the interest of its stakeholders.Variable compensation, which forms a considerable part of the total remuneration package,is linked to measurable pre-determined targets. Incentive targets and performance conditions reflect the key drivers for value creation and medium to long-term growth in shareholder value, and are closely aligned with Wessanen’s strategy.

The total direct compensation for members of the Executive Board is set at median level relative to the labour market peer group. To ensure the attraction and retention of highly skilled and qualified managers, Wessanen aims for a total remuneration level that is comparable to levels provided by other Dutch and European multinational corporations that are similar to Wessanen in terms of size and complexity. For that purpose, external reference data are used. These reference data include remuneration data from Dutch companies operating internationally in the same sector (food, food ingredients, distribution, retail), and in the practices of AMX- and AScX-listed companies which are similar to Wessanen in size and complexity.If a member of the Executive Board is not Dutch and resides outside the Netherlands the base salary is set against the reference market of that country.The main elements of a contract of a member of the Executive Board are made public no later than on the date of the notice calling the General Meeting of Shareholders where the appointment of the member of the Executive Board will be proposed.