European Leadership Team (ELT)

We apply a mixed structure for managing our businesses with decision-making power partly in the hands of local management teams, meaning local operations can be run more efficiently, while centralising those functions which benefit from economies of scale.

The ELT is driving the transformation into an integrated European business and its focus is on topics of cross country, mutual relevance, providing a platform for information sharing, alignment and recommended decisions on key strategic topics.

Its members are the Executive Board members, operating company managing directors and the Operations and Marketing&Quality directors:

  • Christophe Barnouin (1968), CEO (chair)
  • Ronald Merckx (1967), CFO
  • Klaus Arntz (1964), EVP Marketing & Quality 
  • Patrick Cairns (1967), Managing Director UK & Export
  • Jeroen Mustert (1965), Managing Director Benelux
  • Philippe Pichol (1966), European Director of Operations
  • Daniel Tirat (1965), Managing director France & Italy