Organic Food against Climate Change

Organic Food against Climate ChangeThere has never been a greater need to change the world of food than today. Conventional farming, overconsumption of meat and an increasing population exacerbate the current climate situation. “We are now at a point where we have to rethink the way we produce our food to be able to look into a green and sustainable future” Klaus Arntz, EVP Marketing and Sustainability, emphasises.  Wessanen itself is focussed on providing healthier food for healthier people and planet but believes that it will take a broad, concerted effort to create the needed change. We have therefore decided to go beyond what we can do ourselves as a business and want to reach out to small innovative businesses, who address key challenges of the global food system and its impact on climate change.

In cooperation with the ImpactHub Amsterdam selected participants will accelerate their food business. During 3 training days and 4 master classes the entrepreneurs will learn how to to grow and scale their business. They will be challenged to take action and inspire each other. “There are many entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas who strive to improve the world of food. We want to share our knowledge and help them to grow their business.” Klaus Arntz adds. At the end of the Challenge one winner,  who convinced with outstanding innovations and promising ideas, will be awarded with 10,000€, additional management hours as well as access to a broad network of experts.  

Program Details   
Scouting/ Application Phase                17th February – 10th April
Announcement Participants                 22nd April
Training days & Master classes            4th May – 14th June
Award ceremony/ final pitch                23rd June
We are looking for participants that have
1.          proof-of-concept (i.e., revenue generating, revenue testing)
2.          want to grow and scale their business
3.          building a scalable food enterprise which fits one of the following:
              - replaces conventional with organic food;
              - replaces animal protein with plant based alternatives;
              - reduces food waste;
              - increases awareness of and knowledge about sustainable food

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