Policies & procedures

Wessanen Company Code (our guiding principles)

Supplier code of conduct

Wessanen Supplier Code of Conduct Feb 2014.pdf(257 Kb)

Supplier code of conduct (French)

Wessanen Supplier Code of Conduct Feb2014 French.pdf(176 Kb)
Our Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable for all suppliers dealing with Wessanen and any of its affiliates

Wessanen Disclosure Policy

Wessanen Disclosure Policy May 2010.pdf(267 Kb)
The Disclosure Policy governs how Wessanen, as a publicly listed company, deals with price-sensitive non-public information. It ensures that all public communication of non-public price sensitive information is timely, factual and accurate and in compliance with applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

Wessanen Insider Trading Policy

Wessanen Insider Trading Policy June 2015.pdf(225 Kb)

The Insider Trading Policy contains rules for dealing with price-sensitive information and for transactions in securities of listed companies. Members of the Supervisory Board and Executive Board and employees with regular access to confidential information are bound by this Policy. 

In line with the legal requirements the share transactions of the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are notified to the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM). This information can be consulted at  www.afm.nl (select public database and then search for Wessanen).


Ronald Merckx Ronald Merckx
Chief Financial Officer
email: ronald.merckx@wessanen.c...
phone: +31 20 3122 126


Klaus Arntz Klaus Arntz
Executive Vice President Marketing
email: klaus.arntz@wessanen.com
phone: +31 20 3122 114